Safe Lock Solutions

Electronic Safe Locking Systems

SafeLock Solutions: We not only sell locks we also fit any lock to virtually any safe

Mini Tech

Electronic Time Lock

Time delay Audit Trail

From £372.90

Lagard 66e  

Multi User Audit Trail Lock

From £218.75

Lagard Basic

2 User codes

From £168.38

New Lagard 705 timelock

Time Lock with Time delay & Audit Trail

From £768.99

Safe Lock Fitting

We can supply and fit any lock to virtually any safe as a replacement or as an aditional lock to enhance the security, if you need time delay, overnight locking, audit trails or an electronic lock with duress mode installed for your alarm comany to connect we can do this for you.

Safe Hire

We offer a range of safes for hire from 3k to 150k cash rating or 30k to £1000,000 jewellery rating for show & events from 1 day to long term hire, as we hold stock from many manufactures we are able to offer exactly the safe you require fitting your requirements.

Refurbished Safes

Refurbished safes are all fully resprayed and completely checked before being personally delivered placed & bolted where required to a concrete base or floor.

We have many safes to choose from ranging from 3k to 100k dependant on your requirements.

Please call 01933 675551 or 07548 729095 for personal assistance.

New Safes

Wer supply safes at greatly reduced prices by offering a personal delivery service with free placing & bolting into your chosen positiion on the ground floor with just a threshold step at the property.

If you need a safe taken upstairs in a property please call for a quotation before placing an order online.

Key & Electronic Locks

If you are purchasing a lock to fit yourself please feel free to call for any advice you require regarding key or electronic Locks, if you are upgrading to electronic you may require the lock programming for you, or may need software cables, retrofit kits etc all of which we can supply.

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