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(Code: MinitechDE)
Swingbolt :
£ 410.16
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         1 Master, 1 Manager , 9 Users

         1 time delay override user (1 of the users)

         Dual mode (optional)

         User Dallas keys (optional)

         Time delay 1-99 minutes - Open window 1-19 minutes

         Audit: 900 events with time and date (with Dallas key)

         Silent alarm and remote disable opening (with interface) or:

         Remote time delay override (with interface)

         Weekly opening & closing timelock

         30 closing periods and 30 opening periods

         Immediate & temporary Timelock

         Time & timelock programmed from the keypad

         Automatic DST

         Dynamic Codes


         Keypad test

         Power: 9V alkaline battery, large battery box or power supply