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TL11 With Display

(Code: TL11 DisplayDE)
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TL11 With Display
Ideal for high security safes that require overnight locking, jewellers, cash shops, gold shops etc.

Can be wired into alarm system if required for duress mode. Completed by your alarm installation company.

We can fit this lock to your safe as a replacement or as an additional lock to improve the security whatever the make or model. If you would like a quotation please call us on 01933 675551

Time delayed opening - Audit trail - 9 user codes - Overnight lockout - Immediate locking - full list as listed below.

System description LG 66E-TL11 with time lock function

The TL11-Software for the lock is included in the price.

Display Keypad


1 Control code ( ID # 0 )

1 Manager ( ID # 1 )

8 Users ( ID # 2-9 )
Programms (per PC p 

Manager mode = controls 9 opening codes, each code can open individually

Dual mode = two valid codes must be entered, in order to open

Time Delay = delay time from 1-99 min. Opening window 1-19 min.

Override mode = user ID # 9 can open immediately (cash-carrier code) 

Time lock functions (per PC programmable):

Weekly program with eligible time windows.

Holiday program and programmable open on normally closed days (f.i. open Sundays).

Immediate locking: unique time blocking adjustable by the manager (1-99 hrs.) or open extension.

Or opening delay.

In the lock, the last 479 events with time, date, user# and action are stored and selected or printed by the PC.

Hold-up alarm:

In all programs a hold-up alarm can be programmed.

Remote blocking or releases:

Switchable over the alarm box or locking device "SP" Box 334.

Connection at alarm facilities:

Possible over locking device "SP", inclusive 12V power supply out of the alarm system or  
Alarm box PN 4002

Power supply:  
9V alkaline batteries or with SP box12V from the alarm system.

The locks have standard mounting dimensions and are applicable in all positions and ready to be plugged in.

LG66E TL11 


Whatever you require we have a solution that will suit your exact needs.