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Lagard 705 Lock

(Code: Lagard 705 Top of Range705WSCDB)
Dead Bolt :
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Lagard 705 Lock
Multi-User: 5 Lock System: Display
OLED Display: Yes
Compatible Lock Types: Swing/Dead/Spring Bolt
Users: 1 Master/ 1 Manager/ 97 Users
Number of Locks: Five (5)
Dual-User Mode: Yes
Dual-User Mode Override: 2 Users
Reset Function: Yes
Time Delay: 0-99 Minutes
Confirmation Window: 1-60 Minutes
Time Delay Override: Yes
TDO w/ BLE Key Fob: Yes
Programmable Keypad: Yes
Programmable by PC: Yes
Audit Events: 6000
Viewable Audit Trail: Yes
Downloadable Audit Trail: Yes
Duress Alarm: Yes
Combination Length: 11 (2id + 6-9)
Backlit Keypad: Yes
Bolt Switch: Yes
Wrong Try Penalty: Yes
Battery Power: 2 x 9V
Low-Profile Option: No
AC Power Option: Yes
VdS 2396- Class 2: Yes
UL 2058-UL Type 1: Yes
EN1300 Level B: Yes
SBSC-3880:2015: Yes
CNPP a2p-Level B/E: Yes