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Lagard 703

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Lagard 703Optional. Dual mode can be selected by the Master using the keypad.

Time delay 00-99 minutes

Open window 01-60 minutes
500 events with real time and date

Alarm interface

Optional silent alarm (Duress) which can be turned on using the keypad

Optional input signal response: Remote disable OR override time delay OR override dual mode which can be selected using the keypad

Peripheral equipment is required to use the lock’s alarm interface features, sold separately

Advanced features

Optional backlight

Silence keypad sounds

Updatable firmware (Requires Windows software and peripheral equipment sold separately)

Multi-lock: One 703 keypad can control up to 2 locks, available on request

Penalty and power

Consecutive entry of 4 incorrect codes initiates a 5-minute penalty period

LA GARD 703 is usually powered by 2 x 9v batteries housed in the keypad. When the low-profile keypad is used, a separate battery box with 2 x 9v batteries must be fitted inside the container. 703 can also be