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Lagard 702

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Lagard 702Lagard 702  Safe Lock Complete
Available as Swing bolt / Dead bolt / Spring bolt.  With or without 1.28" Monochrome OLED display 123x64

Manufacturer: LaGard
Product Description: LaGard 700 Series Lock Package with Low Profile Key Pad, Dead Bolt Lock, and 9V Battery Pack

Model: 702   Standard keypad no display.   Model 702D Monochrome OLED display
The LaGard 700 Series is ideal for commercial industries (financial, legal, pharmaceutical, retail), vault storage, government (HSL and law enforcement), and residential/personal. With five models to choose from, the series offers a range of features and options to fit almost any safe lock need.
  • 1.28 Monochrome OLED Display, 128x64 or Standard Keypad
  • Single unified software platform for use on all models for increased usability and updatable firmware
  • A range of entry-level to advanced offerings embodying the breadth of capabilities renowned in LaGard products.
Muli-User: Standard Keypad 0r OLED Display.
1 Users - 1 Master - 1 Manager -  28 Users
Number of Locks: One operated 1
Dual-User Mode:                    Yes
Dual-User Mode Override:     Yes
Programmable Keypad:         Yes
Programmable by PC:            Yes
Audit Events:                          500
Viewable Audit Trail:               No
Downloadable Audit Trail:       Yes
Duress Alarm:                         Yes
Combination Length:              11 (2id + 6-9)
Backlit Keypad:                       Yes on OLED Keypad.
Bolt Switch:                             Yes
Wrong Try Penalty:                 Yes
Reset Function:                      Yes
Time Delay:                            0-99 Minutes
Confirmation Window:            1-60 Minutes
Time Delay Override:             Yes
Battery Power:                       2 x 9V
Low-Profile Option:                Yes
AC Power Option:                  Yes
VdS 2396- Class 2:                Yes
UL 2058-UL Type 1:               Yes
EN1300 Level B:                    Yes
SBSC-3880:2015:                  Yes
CNPP a2p-Level B/E:             Yes
Time Lock Schedule:              No
Dual Credential:                      No
Warranty: 2yr from Date of Manufacture
Extended Warranty:   Yes
Updatable Firmware: Yes